Temporary routing problem (resolved)

Between 4:33 and 4:41 PM Pacific time, we experienced a short-lived problem where users who reach our servers via an “Internet backbone” called Global Crossing (including Comcast and Charter cable customers) were unable to connect. Other users weren’t affected.

The problem lasted for less than ten minutes, and everything is now operating normally.

Packet loss to some destinations (resolved)

We’re currently seeing about 15% “packet loss” from our data center to a handful of locations on the Internet (notably connections that go through the above.net backbone). Most people aren’t affected by this, but for those that are, this can cause connections to be slower than normal. We have a ticket open with the data center for this issue, and we’ll update this page when it’s resolved.

Update May 20: The packet loss problem was effectively resolved on Friday, although we’ve been monitoring the above.net backbone connection closely to ensure that there is no ongoing problem. Although we’ve seen a couple of short latency issues that we’re still following up with the data center about, customers are not experiencing any problems.