E-mail, zapp, lrrr, servers temporarily unavailable (resolved)

Due to a failure of the power distribution unit (essentially a fancy power strip) in one of the cabinets at our data center, the following services became unavailable at 05:52 AM Pacific time:

(Other Web servers are not affected.) A data center technician is replacing the power unit in that cabinet and all systems should be be back online within 15 minutes; we’ll update this post when that happens.

Update: The faulty hardware has been completely replaced. All servers are back online and functioning normally, and all queued e-mail has been delivered and is available for retrieval. The total outage for these servers was from 05:52 AM to 06:15 AM (Pacific time).

In addition, the FTP service on the “zapp” server was not fully working after it was restarted, so FTP publishing on that server was unavailable until shortly after 7:00 AM. This has been corrected (and the underlying problem that could cause incorrect startup was fixed).

We sincerely apologize to customers affected by this outage. This kind of issue has happened to us only once before in the last seven years (and that was with a different brand of power unit). Since the replacement power unit is brand new, we don’t expect the problem to recur.