Which server is my account on?

Some of the posts on our blog mention specific servers. You’ll occasionally see things like “The web14 server will be rebooted at 11 PM”, “mail sent from the web01 server was delayed”, or “more memory has been added to the web10 server”. Your question, quite naturally, is “How do I know if they’re talking about the server that has my account?”

Since we have many servers, each one gets a name to let us keep track of them. They’re actually called “web01.tigertech.net” and so forth, but we usually just mention the first part.

Web hosting accounts are assigned to a particular server: if we say “the web01 server will be rebooted”, that means that only customers with accounts on that particular server are affected, but other customers won’t notice anything at all.

All well and good — but how can you tell which server your account is on? The answer is that when you login to our control panel, the server name is shown at the top of the screen in small print. You’ll see something like “Web hosting account with free domain name renewal (on server ‘web01’)”. (If you have more than one domain name, the different domain names may be on different servers.)