Special offer: Four months free Web hosting for new accounts

40 years ago this month, humans walked on the Moon. To celebrate that anniversary, we have a special offer for new accounts: four months of free Web hosting. (We’d love to give you 40 years of free hosting, but we’d also like to make a small profit before the next Moon landing, so 4 months it is.)

The special offer still includes free domain name registration and still has no setup fees. Get the full details here.

This offer expires July 31, and is for new accounts or transfers only — so sign up now if you’re in the market for Web hosting service!

By the way, this plan is still eligible for our Referral Rewards program (you’ll get 33% of what the new customer pays for the fifth through twelfth months). So if you have friends who need hosting service, be sure to let them know about this special offer.