PHP 8.0.0 experimentally available

The PHP developers have released a major update to PHP, version 8.0. We’ve installed it on our servers for customers who want to test it.

It’s so new that many scripts are still incompatible with it, including all versions of WordPress before the recent WordPress 5.6, so most people should not use it yet. In addition, it does not yet support the ImageMagick extension (but the more standard GD works fine), nor does it yet support ionCube Loader.

If you want to try it anyway:

  1. Login to our My Account control panel
  2. Click PHP Settings
  3. Choose PHP 8.0 series and click Save Settings.

Keep in mind that we consider PHP 8 to be only experimental for now; if you have any trouble at all, we recommend you simply switch back to PHP 7.4 in our control panel.