PHP versions 7.2.30, 7.3.17, and 7.4.5

The PHP developers recently released versions 7.2.30, 7.3.17 and 7.4.5 that fix several bugs. We’ve upgraded the PHP 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 series on our servers as a result.

The PHP 7.4 series has also been out long enough that all modern script software should be compatible with it, and the authors of popular scripts like WordPress recommend using it. Because of that, we’re making PHP 7.4 the default for new customers (although they can choose an older version if necessary).

We haven’t changed the version for any existing accounts, but we recommend that all customers use PHP 7.4 if possible. PHP 7.4 is slightly faster than PHP 7.3 and more than twice as fast as PHP 5. If you care about your site’s speed (and you should), always use the newest version of PHP that’s compatible with your scripts. Our Why Update PHP? page explains more about PHP version updates.