Routing problem for some East Coast users August 29 2014 (resolved)

Earlier today (August 29, 2014), some people in the US Southeast who use certain ISPs were unable to reach our servers. This was caused by a problem at a third party that has been resolved.

Here’s the original post:

7:46 A.M. Pacific time: We have received a few reports from users on the East Coast (mainly North Carolina and Florida) that they cannot connect to their Web sites on our servers, to our Web site, or to our e-mail servers.

Update 9:17 A.M. Pacific time: we’re still receiving scattered reports of this. The technical issue isn’t on our end: it’s caused by an Internet backbone routing problem in the U.S. Southeast that’s affecting a small number of destinations for users there. We’re working to get more details so we can hopefully provide an ETA on when we expect it to be fixed.

Update 9:58 A.M. Pacific time: This problem has been traced to a failed router in Atlanta, GA, operated by a third-party Internet backbone company called nLayer. If your ISP uses this nLayer router to send data to San Jose, CA, you’ll see the problem. We’re waiting for an update from our upstream provider about when it will be resolved. (Again, this is not affecting most people — but we know how frustrating it is if you’re one of the affected ones.)

Update 10:17 A.M. Pacific time: We’ve received a confirmation that nLayer is aware of the problem and working on it.

Update 10:53 A.M. Pacific time: The problem was resolved by nLayer at around 10:38 Pacific time, and we’ve confirmed that people affected by this are now able to reach our servers without trouble.