SpamAssassin headers now added to some whitelisted messages

One of the features of our e-mail system is that we add SpamAssassin headers to most incoming mail, as described on our SpamAssassin page.

Until now, we didn’t add SpamAssassin headers to messages that were “whitelisted” because they appear to be from someone you’ve sent a message to.

In recent years there’s been an increase in forged spam claiming to be from addresses you know, though, often because the other person’s address book has been stolen by a virus. Because of that, it can be useful to see SpamAssassin results even for these whitelisted messages, and we’ve changed our mail system to add SpamAssassin headers to them as well.

This doesn’t change the fact that we won’t reject these whitelisted messages, regardless of their SpamAssassin score. The only change is that we now add SpamAssassin headers, allowing customers who want to examine the SpamAssassin score to do so. Customers won’t notice any change unless they have their own systems to examine the SpamAssassin headers.