iPhone e-mail setup instructions available

In an effort to keep up with the cool kids, I blew this year’s gadget budget on one o’ those fancy iPhones. It’s pretty darn nifty, and now that I’ve had a few weeks practice, I can almost completely prevent myself from collapsing to the floor, sobbing “I spent $600 on a phone! My God, what have I done?!”

Anyway, it turns out that Apple convinced some of you to take leave of your financial senses, too, and you’ve been asking us how to set up your iPhone to read your e-mail. So we’ve spent many hours voiding the warranty on our phone, getting it to the point where we could extract detailed screen shots showing exactly how to set up iPhone mail. If you have an iPhone, give it a try! Our servers handle iPhone e-mail connections just fine — and the connections are fully encrypted by default, making sure your e-mail and passwords stay secure as you roam the world on strangers’ WiFi networks.