SSL certificate price drop from $99 to $19

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve dramatically lowered our price on SSL certificates — they’re now just $19.00.

What’s an SSL certificate? It activates the “padlock” icon for your site in a Web browser, showing that the connection is encrypted for security. You should use an SSL certificate if your visitors type sensitive data such as usernames, passwords or credit card numbers, because it ensures that “hackers” can’t intercept that data.

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Mailman message limits doubled

We’ve been increasing our mail server capacity lately, and as a result we’ve doubled the number of Mailman messages that hosting customers can send each month. Our Silver plan now includes up to 60,000 deliveries, our Gold plan includes 120,000, and our Platinum plan includes 300,000.

More details about what’s included on each plan are always available on our plans page.

Bandwidth doubled for all Web sites!

We’re happy to announce that the monthly bandwidth allowance for all Web hosting plans has been at least doubled — at no additional cost. (Bandwidth is simply how much data your Web site sends to visitors. As your Web site gets larger or becomes more popular, bandwidth usage increases.)

The Web hosting plans have had their bandwidth increased as follows:

  • Silver plan: increased from 100GB to 250GB per month
  • Gold plan: increased from 200GB to 500GB per month
  • Platinum plan: increased from 500GB to 1TB per month

This change is effective immediately (in fact, it’ll be applied retroactively to the start of June).

Our pricing remains the same. We’re glad to be able to help you grow your sites without extra fees!