Insecure versions of Adminer disabled

Some of our customers use a script called Adminer (aka adminer.php) that allows them to modify MySQL database entries. It’s similar to phpMyAdmin.

This is fine, except that old versions of Adminer have a serious security vulnerability that allows “hackers” to take control of sites that use it. If you’ve put an old version of the adminer.php script on your site, then you never updated or removed it, your site is vulnerable to hackers. A couple of our customer’s sites have been “hacked” this way in the last week.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to more customers, we’re disabling any old vulnerable versions of adminer.php (versions earlier than 4.7) and replacing them with a link to this page.

If you try to use a copy of Adminer you’ve previously installed, but you get referred to this page, you should simply install a new version from the Adminer website. Be sure to keep it updated in the future (or delete it when you’re finished using it).