AOL mail delivery delayed (resolved)

Update 6:20 PM October 11: AOL has resolved the problem described below. All delayed mail has been delivered, and all services are operating normally.

Original post: We’ve noticed today (October 10, 2012) that the mail servers are delaying some of the mail our servers are sending to them.

This appears to be a problem on their end — we don’t believe this is directly related to us, because their IP address reputation checker says that all our servers have a “good reputation”, and that we “should not be experiencing bounce or reject errors when sending mail from this IP”. In addition, their servers are replying with generic “421 Service unavailable – try again later” messages, instead of any of their documented errors.

However, we’ve opened a ticket with them, and we’ll update this post when we either receive a reply or when they accept the backlog of queued mail from our servers.

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  1. Have been experiencing the same thing from our servers. Have opened multiple support tickets and they always say, “Our systems are behaving appropriately and there are no blocks in place for your IP.” Funny because I would specify in detail that this is not blacklisting issue and that this is a greylisting issue or delivery restriction and yet they would completely ignore what I said. We have been instructing our clients to stay away from AOL at all costs because of this and they have been instructing their clients to do the same. Funny when you take AOL out of the equation altogether, we NEVER have any problems with deliverability issue. Our Sender reputation is Great according to and good according to AOL’s check tool.