AVG (Avast) antivirus wrongly flagging webmail as phishing (resolved)

Update 3:50 AM Pacific time October 23: According to AVG, the problem described below has been resolved, and the AVG software is no longer incorrectly blocking our webmail site and other sites.

We’ve received reports from a couple of customers today (Monday, October 22, 2018) that their AVG (Avast) Antivirus software is wrongly flagging our mail.tigertech.net webmail servers as a potential “phishing” site, on the basis that it’s asking for your email username and password.

Of course, the webmail server is supposed to ask for your email username and password. This is a “false positive” error in the AVG software, not an actual case of phishing. Users in the AVG forums are reporting this problem started happening today with many legitimate websites, not just ours.

We’ve reported this to AVG, and we hope it will be fixed soon. In the meantime, users of the AVG antivirus software may need to add an exception to AVG or temporarily disable the AVG software. (Alternately, you might want to set up a mail program like Thunderbird to read your mail instead of using webmail — it only takes a minute or two.)