New data center status 2011-10-03

Our previously-announced move to the new data center is continuing. The old data center was hit with a lot of network attacks throughout the day today. We are very glad to be moving to the new center!

E-mail should be fully working for everyone. Many customers have been moved to the new data center, and we’ll be continuing to move the remaining sites as quickly as possible (while of course being very careful about data integrity and site uptime). Sites which have not yet been moved are still working at the old data center. The old data center has been up for several hours now with only very occasional interruptions (due to attacks). They might still experience occasional bouts of downtime if the attacks continue.

If you want to know if your Web site has been moved to a server at the new data center, please see the update at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Thanks for informing about moving to the new center!