PHP SNMP extension no longer supported in PHP versions before 5.6

The PHP scripting language offers an SNMP extension “for managing remote devices via the Simple Network Management Protocol”.

It’s unlikely that any of our customers use this extension, but if you do, it may no longer work correctly on very old PHP versions before PHP 5.6. (The reason is technical, and involves forthcoming updates to the SNMP library on our servers.)

In the unlikely event you do use the PHP SNMP extension, and you haven’t yet updated to at least PHP 5.6, you should switch to PHP 5.6 or later, as we’ve previously recommended for other reasons:

  1. First, update your site’s PHP scripts, including WordPress, Joomla, any plugins or themes you use, and so on
  2. Login to our My Account control panel
  3. Click PHP Settings
  4. Click PHP 5.6 series or later (we recommend PHP 7.0 or 7.1 to make your site as fast as possible)
  5. Click Save Settings

Then test your site to make sure it works properly.