Apache Web server updated to fix CVE-2016-8743

We’ve upgraded our Apache Web server software to fix the security bug CVE-2016-8743.

Customers should not notice any changes, with one exception: If you’ve written your own software, and that software contains certain bugs that haven’t previously been noticed, the update may cause the bugs to be more visible.

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Brief scheduled maintenance February 18, 2012 (completed)

On Saturday, February 18, 2012 between 10:00 and 11:00 PM Pacific time, we’ll be upgrading the Apache Web server software on each of our Web servers.

Most customers will not notice anything, but the upgrade will cause approximately 30 seconds of slow Web page loading at some point during that hour as we delay incoming connections at the network level.

This maintenance is necessary to apply security and reliability fixes released by the Apache developers. (We’ve been using the upgraded version on our Webmail servers for several days, so it’s well tested.)

Update: The maintenance was completed at 10:03 PM Pacific time.

Format of compressed old access log files changing to bzip2

When we store older Apache Web server access logs for your site — those that are more than two months old — we re-compress the original logs into single monthly files. These take up less disk space for your account when you have a lot of them. (We have some customers with log files going back more than ten years!)

Until now, we’ve re-compressed these files using gzip compression. However, we’re going to switch to a different modern compression format, bzip2 compression, which reduces the size even more. The resulting files are about half the size of gzip.

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