Brief scheduled maintenance on Saturday, February 16 (completed)

At approximately 11:00 PM Pacific time this Saturday night (February 16), all Tiger Technologies servers will be restarted. As a result, customer Web sites and e-mail service will be unavailable for three to five minutes.

No e-mail will be lost, of course; incoming mail will just be delayed for a few minutes.

This brief maintenance is necessary to upgrade the operating system “Linux kernel” to a newer version for security reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

(This maintenance was successfully completed with less than four minutes of downtime per server.)

New locales available for scripts

A customer pointed out that our servers didn’t have many “locales” installed. A “locale” is a set of rules that apply to a language, region or culture — things like the language’s words for “January” and “Monday”, the way that dates are displayed, and the currency symbol used.

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