WordPress 4.7

WordPress 4.7 was recently released, and as always, we’ve updated our WordPress one-click installer to automatically install the latest version for new WordPress sites.

If you’ve previously installed an older version of WordPress, you should update it from within your WordPress Dashboard.

Twenty Seventeen theme

WordPress 4.7 also comes with a new theme called Twenty Seventeen. However, for now our installer still defaults to the older Twenty Sixteen theme. That’s because until it’s customized, the newer theme doesn’t include basic features like a menu of pages, which seems confusing for new users who just want to use it as a CMS.

If you want to use the Twenty Seventeen theme after installing a new copy of WordPress, you can of course choose it by clicking Appearance in your WordPress dashboard and “activating” it. If you haven’t made any other changes in WordPress, you can then click the Customize button and the Save & Publish button, and the theme will add “starter content” like a menu of pages, social media links, and more. (Sadly, if you’ve already made other changes in WordPress, this doesn’t happen. Hopefully this will be improved in future versions.)