Mail improvements

In the past few months, we’ve made a couple of behind-the-scenes improvements to our mail systems that have improved reliability for our customers.

  • Redundant outgoing mail delivery
  • Automatic whitelisting of replies

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Scheduled maintenance for software updates (completed)

Due to software updates on our servers, most Web hosting customers will experience about ten minutes of scheduled maintenance downtime between 11 PM and 1 AM Pacific time starting on one of the following nights, depending on which server your site is on:

  • Friday, August 22 (servers beginning with letter “l-z”)
  • Saturday, August 23 (servers beginning with letter “a-k”)

(The servers named “bender” and “lrrr” have already been upgraded, and those customers are not affected.)

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“We’ll Pay the Ransom” to Network Solutions for domain names

Let’s say that you want to register a domain name, so you go to the Network Solutions Web site to see if the name is available. If the domain name has not yet been taken, Network Solutions will register it for themselves behind your back, forcing you either to buy the name from them immediately (at their high price of $34.99), or wait four days until they release it again (at which point someone else may be able to get it before you).

If this happens to you, we imagine that you might feel something like this:

Fictional 'ransom note'

We’re introducing a new “We’ll Pay the Ransom” promotion, wherein we will pay Network Solutions the $34.99 necessary to register the domain name for you. Or, if you’ve already paid it, we’ll credit your account $34.99. Either way, just sign up to transfer the domain name to us and a year of our Web hosting.

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Major improvements to our Webmail pages

We’re pleased to announce that our new Webmail system is available. You’ll find many improved features:

  • A flexible search feature that lets you search through subjects, senders, and more.
  • The ability to optionally view “unsafe” images in HTML messages.
  • Preferences that permanently remember things such as your time zone and date format.
  • An easier-to-use address book.
  • Optional threaded message display.
  • Message filters (sorting incoming mail into certain folders) and highlighting.
  • Automatic conversion of many foreign-language character sets to UTF-8 display, making it easier to read messages written in other languages.
  • And much more…

If you’re already a Webmail user, you’ll see the new pages the next time you login. If you haven’t tried Webmail before, this page explains how to get started.

By the way, we’ll be keeping our old Webmail system around for a couple of weeks at this special address, just in case anyone experiences any problems and needs to temporarily “downgrade”. If you have any trouble with the new system, do let us know right away so we can address it before the old pages are permanently removed.

We’d also like to thank the more-than-200 people who helped us test the new system over the last few weeks. The new system is better because of your efforts.

MySQL 5 Upgrade (Saturday August 4th)

This coming Saturday (August 4th), we’ll be upgrading the MySQL database software on all our servers from version 4.1.11 to version 5.0.32 (plus appropriate security updates). MySQL 5 adds many features that customers have requested, and some Web site scripts now require it.

The upgrade will take place between 11:00 PM and 11:59 PM Pacific time (the times will be slightly different for each server). We’ll be making a full backup of all databases on each server before the upgrade, and as a result, customers should expect MySQL to be unavailable for about 15 minutes during this period. In addition, large databases may be slow for several minutes after the upgrade, because MySQL automatically converts databases to the new version format the first time they are accessed, which can be time consuming.

If your site doesn’t use MySQL databases, it won’t be affected at all. If it does, you almost certainly won’t see any effects other than the 15 minute outage. That said, we do recommend checking your scripts for MySQL 5 compatibility.

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Bandwidth doubled for all Web sites!

We’re happy to announce that the monthly bandwidth allowance for all Web hosting plans has been at least doubled — at no additional cost. (Bandwidth is simply how much data your Web site sends to visitors. As your Web site gets larger or becomes more popular, bandwidth usage increases.)

The Web hosting plans have had their bandwidth increased as follows:

  • Silver plan: increased from 100GB to 250GB per month
  • Gold plan: increased from 200GB to 500GB per month
  • Platinum plan: increased from 500GB to 1TB per month

This change is effective immediately (in fact, it’ll be applied retroactively to the start of June).

Our pricing remains the same. We’re glad to be able to help you grow your sites without extra fees!


Welcome to the Tiger Technologies blog!

Although we already have a mailing list for Important Announcements, we try to keep traffic there to a minimum. But there are lots of other things happening that we’d sometimes like to share — everything from minor software updates on our servers to useful tips from our support staff.

One of the most useful features is RSS feeds. RSS feeds let you use a feed reader to “subscribe” to all the posts on the blog, or just to particular categories. For example, if you want to see the key things we think every well-informed customer might want to know, you could subscribe to the “Blog Highlights” feed. Or, if you want to know about every last technical change we make to our server platform, the “Tech Corner” feed is for you!

By the way, we should mention that we’ll probably be making lots of changes to the blog as it evolves. We may even change the names of some of the categories, which would cause your RSS feed to stop working. If that happens, you can simply visit the blog again and re-subscribe to the new feed name.

We hope this blog is useful, and we welcome comments and feedback.