Advantages of e-mail mailboxes over forwarding addresses

One of the features of our e-mail service is the ability to create e-mail forwarding aliases to forward messages from an address at your new Web site to existing e-mail account (AOL, Hotmail etc…). This is a useful feature if you need to receive e-mail from your new Web site and need to get it going quickly.

However, in the long term it’s better to use mailboxes on our servers (referred to as “POP mailboxes” on our setup screens, although they can also be accessed by IMAP or Webmail). In fact, one of the biggest advantages of having your own Web site and domain name is that you own it and all of its e-mail addresses. From our experience this is much better than being at the whim of a company that’s almost impossible to contact if you have trouble.

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Is it really worth restarting my computer?

Anyone who works with computers has been asked to do this at some point in time and probably felt it was a ploy used to put off investigating the problem in detail. However, it really does work, and can fix program and software glitches.

For instance, we often have customers who cannot send and receive mail using the mail programs on their personal computers. After checking the mail servers and port numbers, everything seems to be set up correctly, but the mail program refuses to work. In these situations we often ask customers to restart their computer. Surprisingly they often tell us that everything works again.

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How to check your current IP address (and host name)

To quickly determine your computer’s current IP address, simply visit